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Volunteer With Us

Here are some amazing statistics regarding our volunteers:

  • 2006 total volunteer hours: 1098 Hours (value: $22,234)
  • 2007 total volunteer hours: 3882.5 Hours (value: $78,620)
  • 2008 total volunteer hours: 4922 Hours (value: $99,670)
  • 2009 total volunteer hours: 6726.8 Hours (value: $136,217)
  • January 2010 Volunteer Hours: 993.25 Hours (for one month!!!) (value: $20,113)
  • Total from 2006-Feb 2010: 18,380.25 Hours! (value of $372,200 since 2006)

One of the best ways to help Hannah’s Treasure Chest is to volunteer (volunteer form is below). We are always looking for wonderful people to help in the following ways:

  • Staff our warehouse
  • Volunteer through/with your work or organization (e.g. Lexis Nexis Cares Days, Scouts or worship group)
  • Serve on a committee or work at our annual fundraiser
  • Help with the Giving Angels program
  • Plan a donation drive with your social/community/worship group

If you have specific skills or interests please give us a call and see how we can best put those skills or interests to use!

Here are some forms that you can fill out before you come in to volunteer for the first time: