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40 Days of Giving Challenge

Lent has begun, and a popular way to observe this special time of year is to “give up” something, whether that means a bad habit, a favorite food or some screen time in order to simplify life and appreciate what we have.

We at Hannah’s Treasure Chest would like to offer a different twist on the Lenten challenge: 40 days of giving. Each day, select at least one item to give up that someone else can use. Collect these during the course of the 40 days, then donate them to your favorite local cause(s). Not only will you simplify your own life, but your extra items will make life better for someone else!

  1. Start by finding a box, a large plastic bag, or just a convenient corner of the room to collect your donations.
  2. Each day, find one item you no longer need. Be sure it is something useful that another person would be happy to own, that has all its parts and pieces.
  3. Once the 40 days of Lent are over (or before, if you’ve got large items, or lots of things you no longer need), sort your donations and start giving! There are many great nonprofits all around the Miami Valley that serve the less fortunate. Your extras are needed!

Check out these articles with more details about making “giving up” for Lent into “giving back” to make the world a better place!

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