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Community Buckles Up Kids in Need

Generous donations from Dayton Children’s Hospital, Evenflo, and individuals from the community have provided car seats for nearly 100 local children through our Buckle Up Pumpkin initiative!

In October our warehouse manager reported that the waiting list for car seats had grown to 60 children, with more requests being made each day. Some children had been on the list since June of the prior year (2016).

In collaboration with the Washington Township Recreation Center, WGRT Fox 45, the Washington Township Fire Department, and Kleather’s Pumpkin Patch, our staff created a one-day event, “Buckle Up Pumpkin” to draw attention to this urgent need and encourage donations of new car seats.

Enough cash and car seats were donated that day to help 30 children, including 14 new car seats from Dayton Children’s Hospital.

Soon after the event, Kelsey Johnson, Compensation and Benefits Manager at Evenflo contacted Hannah’s Treasure Chest about donating 60 new car seats to help keep children safe. Upon receiving additional information about our programs, the team at Evenflo increased their donation to 70 total car seats to help local children in need!

“Keeping children safe is part of our mission at Evenflo,” wrote Johnson. “We wanted to make sure to get 70 infants and children in safe, brand-new seats, especially moving into the winter months.”

Staff members from our partner agencies were thankful to receive car seats to help their client families. One recipient is a 22-year-old college student. For nearly 2 years she has had temporary custody of her 4 nephews and 14-month-old niece and will receive full custody this year. With the help of Hannah’s Treasure Chest, the children have clothing, shoes, school supplies, hygiene products, games. Now, thanks to our Buckle Up Pumpkin donors, the youngest now has a car seat to ride safely to daycare.

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