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Giving Angels FAQs

GivingTreeAnswers to some frequently asked questions:


  • Do we provide the tree, or does HTC provide it? Hannah’s Treasure Chest does not provide trees.
  • Do we have to USE a tree? A tree is an easy way to catch attention and gets the point of the program across quickly. However, you are welcome to hang the Angel tags on bulletin boards, large windows, reception desks, etc. Whatever works for your location is what you should do!


  • Where do I drop off my gifts? Gifts can be dropped during the week of November 30th.  This is a new location than in previous years.
  • What if I can’t find the listed gift? Please call our office immediately at 937-438-5039, and we’ll offer an alternative.
  • Could I just give a gift card for clothing? We prefer that you purchase the item that is requested. Please return your gift receipt in an envelope – we hold on to those in the office, in case an item must be exchanged.
  • Do I have to wrap the gifts? No. We are asking for all gifts to be turned in unwrapped this year.
  • I don’t have my angel tag. How should I label the gifts? Label each package with a paper tag (not stickers). Write the child’s name on the front (or inside) of the gift tag, and their ID number on the back of the tag in small print. This way, the child won’t feel he/she is known by a number, yet we have a means for double-checking that the correct gifts are going to the correct children.
  • The gift is on back order, and I’ll miss the pickup deadline! Please call our office immediately at 937-438-5039 to let us know when you will be able to drop it off. This will give us time to find substitute gifts.

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