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Child-Family Sponsor Gift Guidelines

Gift Guidelines

  • Please limit your gifts to four (4) UNWRAPPED presents for each child. See our FAQ section for tips.
  • If you would like to help the family further, please consider a gift card to Kroger, WalMart, or Meijer to help provide a holiday meal.
  • Place gift cards in a separate envelope with the child’s or family’s ID# on the front of the envelope. Please do not put gift cards inside packages.

Wrapping and Receipts

  • Tagging gifts: Label each gift with a folding paper tag (not a sticker) and tape at one corner so we can see the back.
    • Front of tag (or inside): write child’s name (or leave blank for child’s family to fill in)
    • Back of tag: write the child’s ID# in small print
  • Place gift receipts in a separate envelope, labeled with the child’s/family’s ID#. We will keep these in the office in case a gift must be exchanged.

FAQs & Tips

  • How much should I spend per child? Typically, our sponsors spend around $100.  This is merely a guideline; the amount you spend will depend on what you buy and where you shop.
  • More packages = more fun! Why only 4 packages? It is very difficult for our partner agencies to explain to one family why their children received four gifts each when another family’s children received five or more. To prevent this situation, we ask that each child receives 4 packages, and hope you understand. If a gift has multiple pieces, please package all pieces together so that it still counts as ONE gift.  For example, you purchase a Barbie doll, and want to buy a couple of outfits for the doll as an extra surprise.  SOLUTION: place the doll AND the outfits together into one package. Be sure all gifts are age appropriate and safe. 
  • How do I label the gifts? Label each package with a paper tag (not stickers). Write the child’s name on the front (or inside) of the gift tag, and their ID number on the back of the tag in small print. This way, the child won’t feel he/she is known by a number, yet we have a means for double-checking that the correct gifts are going to the correct children.
  • What should I do with gift receipts? All gift receipts should be in a sealed envelope. It is especially important to ask for a gift receipt when purchasing clothing in case the item(s) needs to be returned for a different size.  Be sure to put the child’s name and ID# on the front of the envelope.  We keep the gift receipts in our office. They are not given to the families unless one is requested through their social worker or advocate.
  • Packing for delivery. Once you have purchased all four of your gifts, we ask that you put them in an open box or large plastic bag before dropping them off at our facility. This allows us to keep all of the gifts for a child or a family together.

Delivery & Office Hours

  • Gifts are due back on the week of November 30. 
  • This allows us to sort and package gifts for delivery to our partner agencies, and time for the agencies to deliver to the families before the holidays.
  • Office Hours
    • Closed Nov 25- 27 for Thanksgiving holiday
    • Through November 24: Monday – Thursday, 10 am to 4 pm
    • Beginning Monday, November 30: Mon–Fri, 9 am to 5 pm
    • December 17- January 3: CLOSED for holiday break

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