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Hannah’s Treasure Chest has had a tremendous impact on the kinship caregivers here in Montgomery County. Without HTC and the service you offer, the caregivers would never be able to buy the stuff they need when the children unexpectedly come to them. Most of the kinship caregivers we provide service to are grandparents, low income and single headed households. Majority of them receive a knock at the door and the grandchildren are there to stay for average of two years. Most of the biological parents provide little to no financial support when relatives are raising their children.

The children arrive at the door usually with the clothes on their back. They need a place to live, clothes, and everything a child needs to grow. The only thing I can tell you is that as a Kinship Navigator I often call HTC to assist hundreds of families each year. So the service you offer to these caregivers is not only very much needed, but very much appreciated. I honestly do not know what they would do without your help.

Thank you so very much for your help and please don’t stop caring for the children in this community.

Bonnie Grooms - Kinship Navigator, Center for Healthy Communities

To the Giving Angels,
I really appreciate this opportunity for myself and my children to be chosen. All good things are chosen from God. I’m sooo happy I’m just flowing with tears. I’m so full I just can’t say enough. My sickness just came down on me all at once. I laid in the hospital for one month. I’m still recuperating. Even when it’s hard and I feel like giving up, I take another step. Even when the bills are due, I take another step. If I can do anything for this organization, if it’s just a little time, call me up. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.

name witheld for privacy

There are not enough words to say how thankful we are to Hannah’s Treasure Chest. We, at Butler County Help Me Grow, work with over 1000 new moms per year (some as young as 12). Many of the women we serve do not have the means to provide the bare necessities for their children. With the cost of gas and food on the rise the need for the basics is increasing at an alarming rate.

Because of you our clients have not had to drop out of school to provide the basics for their children. Because of you clients have been able to focus on parent education, learning how to be a better parent, which ultimately helps to keep the children safer.

Many of our clients live everyday with the feeling of walking on quick sand. Never knowing what will happen next and just longing for the feeling of safety and that everything will be okay.

Your compassion and generosity give these young people a lifeline. It says the world cares about you and you can make it through these hard times!

In this challenging fiscal environment, many of the items that you have provided would be impossible, for us to provide for the children. The new and gently used strollers, highchairs, books and clothing that Hannah’s Treasure Chest provides are much needed and have an immediate impact on their lives.

Thank you from the bottom of our heart!

Melissa Ruffner - Family Support Specialist, Butler County Help Me Grow

We wish you many more years of success in providing such an important service to the underserved children of your service area. You and your associates are a true source of inspiration.

- Centerville Citizens Police Academy Alumni, Inc.

Hannah’s Treasure Chest has become such a resource for our community. Your service is invaluable!

Maggie Shergill - Lifestages Center for Women, Good Samaritan Hospital