Partner Fees

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Each partner agency commits annually to contributing a partner fee for all products received, except for items provided through Beds for Babies, which have separate fees per item. Nowhere else can our partner agencies find a consistent supply of high quality clothing, toys and equipment for the children they serve.

Purpose of the Partner Fee

The partner fee is designed to equitably share with all agencies the costs of operating Hannah’s Treasure Chest as a distribution center. The partner fee helps pay for purchase and shipment of products which are in short supply, such as underwear, socks and shoes; helps support a full-time professional staff; maintains a warehouse with seasonal storage and work space; and covers other overhead costs.

Our partner agencies are required to sign a contract stating that the individuals they serve will not be charged a fee for the items they receive from Hannah’s Treasure Chest, with the exception of items through Beds for Babies program, which fees may be paid by either the agency or the family being served.