Partner Renewal FAQs

When can our agency renew our partnership?

Active partnerships are renewed in February, and become effective March 1.  An expired partnership may be renewed at any time. However, partnerships which have been expired for more than one month after our scheduled renewal date will be renewed at their most recent usage level with an additional processing fee of $150.

When do partnerships expire?

Partnerships expire on the last day of February. Renewals must be completed or in process by March 1 to renew without a processing fee of $150. Any partnership which has expired more than 1 month (i.e., not renewed or in process by April 1) will be assessed a processing fee of $150 upon renewal.

What happens if our agency does not renew our partnership?

Agencies which choose not to renew their partnership with Hannah’s Treasure Chest will no longer be able to request items from our programs, including Beds for Babies.  Any requests received from your staff on or after March 1 will be denied.

Can our partnership be renewed if it has already expired?

Yes. Your agency may renew at any time during the year at your most recent usage level. However, there will be an additional $150 processing fee to complete renewal paperwork for any partnership expired more than 1 month.

How do we change our agency staff information during the renewal process?

Please use the Excel spreadsheet provided by our office to update your staff list. Staff ID numbers must remain the same – do not reassign numbers to new staff members, or change the numbers from the previous year. Email an updated copy of the Excel spreadsheet to our office ASAP.

When will our renewed partnership become active?

If your partnership is still active when you renew, your renewal will be effective on March 1 and once payment or P.O. has been received. If your partnership has already expired, your renewal will activate once you complete the renewal process, including payment in full, or P.O. received.

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