Infant & Toddler Profile Guide

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  • Use this form to request items for children from two months before due date up to 4 years of age.
  • TWINS or TRIPLETS: fill out a column for EACH CHILD, even if they need the same things.
  • Must be accompanied by a Family Profile Form.
  • Use Bed Application for crib, mattress, Pack’n’Play or bassinet.

Child Information

  • Child’s birth date or expected delivery date must be filled in. Requests may be made within two months of baby’s expected delivery.
  • WEIGHT is used to size diapers and equipment appropriately.
  • GENDER is very important so we can pick out the right clothes and toys!
  • RACE helps us pick out toys and other items to support identity, as well as for stats for grant applications.

Clothing and Undergarments

  • Mark ONLY the types of clothing desired.
  • Use NUMERIC sizes for clothing (we do not accept Small, Medium or Large for sizing). SEE CHART.

Shoes & Socks

  • Shoe sizes are NOT the same as clothing sizes, or age. SEE CHART.
  • DOWNLOAD and print a foot sizing chart to help size child’s shoes.

TIP: Laminate shoe/clothing size chart and use a washable or dry-erase marker to trace child’s foot. Wash/wipe and reuse.

Books & Toys

  • Books and toys are always included UNLESS you check DO NOT INCLUDE. Our volunteers will try to find items to match the child’s interests if they are listed.

Infant/Toddler Equipment

Starred Items

  • NO MORE THAN TWO starred items will be given per family request. These are high demand items that are usually wait-listed, and we must share with as many families as possible.
  • Please number requested items in order of priority. Indicate which child the item is for.

Other Items

  • Mark any other items needed by the child(ren) listed on this page.
  • Fill in with items that may not be listed on this form. You can also write these on the family profile form.
  • DO NOT USE THIS FORM TO REQUEST BEDS, cribs, Pack’N’Plays, mattresses or bassinets. Use the Bed Application instead.