Youth Profile Guide

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  • Use this form to request items for children from 5 to 18 years of age.
  • TWINS or TRIPLETS: fill out a column for EACH CHILD, even if they need the same things.
  • Must be accompanied by a Family Profile Form.
  • Use Bed Application for crib, mattress, Pack’n’Play or bassinet.

Child Information

Child’s birth date must be filled in.

GENDER is very important so we can pick out the right clothes and toys!

If you know what type of fit/body style of the child, we can try to pick out clothes that will fit them better.

Clothing and Undergarments

Mark the types of clothing desired.

Use NUMERIC sizes for clothing (we do not accept Small, Medium or Large for sizing). SEE CHART.

NO Juniors, adult or misses sizes. We only stock CHILDREN’S sizes up to 16/18 (which is about a Junior’s 1.) SEE CHART.

We will still provide other items the child may need, such as hygiene items, bed linens, books, toys, or school supplies.

Shoes & Socks

Shoe sizes are NOT the same as clothing sizes, or age. SEE CHART.

Use C for Child, Y for Youth, or A for Adult to clarify the size.

DOWNLOAD and print a foot sizing chart to help size child’s shoes.

TIP: Laminate shoe size chart and use a washable or dry-erase marker to trace child’s foot. Wash/wipe and reuse.

Books & Toys

Books and toys are always included UNLESS you check DO NOT INCLUDE. Our volunteers will try to find items to match the child’s interests if they are listed.

Other Items

Mark any other items needed by the child(ren) listed on this page.

School Supplies

List specific supplies. Because supplies are limited, we must have specifics or no supplies will be given at all.

Other Needs

Fill in with items that may not be listed on this form. You can also write these on the family profile form.

DO NOT USE THIS FORM TO REQUEST BEDS, cribs, Pack’N’Plays, mattresses or bassinets. Use the Bed Application instead.

We DO NOT have beds larger than cribs.